SPEAR® Speech Technology and Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Control, Dialogue, and Knowledge-Based Systems

C. Hoyt
Think-A-Move, Florida, United States

Keywords: Speech Recognition Technology, Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Voice Command and Control, Machine Learning

Think-A-Move (TAM) combines its SPEAR® Speech Recognition technology with Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide a custom natural user interface for critical applications requiring hands-free operation. SPEAR®, is a proprietary, noise-robust Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine based on advanced technology using Deep Neural Networks (DNNs), Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The SPEAR system does not require connection to a network and can work on mobile devices requiring a small footprint. SPEAR speech technology, together with the Conversational AI framework is well suited for custom applications that enhance users’ efficiency and effectiveness by providing ready access to critical context-specific information, time-sensitive alerts, menus, and controls. The intuitive dialogue interface can be customized to support military, first responders and service personnel in the field or training environments. TAM custom develops projects for military and industry partners, using SPEAR to provide heads-up, hands-free command and control, data entry and form-filling, as well as free-form dictation, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and keyword spotting. In this poster, TAM will describe and demonstrate SPEAR® Speech Recognition and AI for training and simulation, as well as for controls in cockpits, unmanned systems, sensor systems, dialogue management, and knowledge-based training and mission systems,