Bionautâ„¢: A Novel, Tetherless Micro-robotic Platform for Monitoring, Diagnostic, Surgical and Therapeutic Applications in the CNS

A. Chung
Bionaut Labs, California, United States

Poster stand number: T152

Keywords: micro-robotic, therapeutic, microsurgical, central nervous system, magnetic propulsion

Bionaut Labs is developing a tetherless, micro-robotic platform to safely and precisely reach any place in the body and brain for applications including monitoring/sensing, diagnostic, surgical and therapeutic interventions. The micro-device is guided by automated external electromagnetic controls, monitored with real time imaging. Post-procedure, the micro-robot is retrieved from the body via the point of entry. In our first indications, we have designed and built the Bionaut, size scale 100s of microns to mm, to perform minimally invasive procedures aiming to overcome the limitations in neurosurgical procedures today and to enable the development of new therapies for treatment of devastating neurological conditions. We will demonstrate Bionaut propulsion and accurate navigation using an external, low power magnetic field (