Development of Ultra-high-speed Infrared Photodetectors for LIDAR

J. Gao
Clemson University, South Carolina, United States

Keywords: two dimensional materials, Infrared, high-speed

Infrared photodetectors have wide applications in military missile tracking, night vision, medical imaging, industry defect imaging, environmental sensing, and exoplanet exploration. In this report, we demonstrated high-speed infrared black phosphorus photodetectors, which were characterized by a unique ultrafast photocurrent spectroscopy with sub-40 ps time resolution. We designed and fabricated a nearly 100 % quantum efficiency, mobility more than 400 cm2/Vs, sub-40 ps response time, and IR high speed photodetector. In addition to superior device performance, we have elucidated the fundamental carrier transport dynamics for black phosphorus along the armchair and zigzag directions.