Portable, High Power Electron Beam Accelerator

C. Cooper
Fermi National Accelerator Lab, Illinois, United States

Keywords: Water Treatment, Material Modification, Transportation, Advanced Manufacturing

Electron beam accelerators are used in many different application areas with over $2 billion dollars in sales annually and touching over $500 billion dollars a year in products. At Ferimlab’s Illinois Accelerator and Research Center (IARC) we are developing a new electron beam accelerator that is portable, energy efficient and capable of treating large volumes of materials. In conjunction with development of the accelerator, new applications that will be enabled by the accelerator are being developed. One such application is the treatment of contaminated water and soil. Nearly 80% of the world’s population is exposed to high levels of threat to water security. Substitution of higher quality water with lower quality water, regeneration and volume reduction are all ways for improving water productivity and reducing worldwide water threat levels. Regeneration has the potential to increase water productivity, but there are limitations to conventional technologies. Electron beam treatment of water offers advantages not seen in other water treatment technologies including, removal of pathogens, removal of contaminants and increased energy recovery. Potential areas of application are degradation of a wide range of organics including aromatics, fuels and fuel additives, PFOA/PFOS, explosives, biological and chemical agents in water and in soil.