MIMIX Sustained Release Patch

L. Valenti
Vaxess Technologies, Inc., Massachusetts, United States

Poster stand number: T125

Keywords: MAP, biomaterials, sustained-release, self-administered, temperature-stable

The MIMIX™ Patch consists of extended release silk fibroin microneedle tips, which are formulated with the vaccine antigen and supported on a dissolving polymer base. The array of microneedles sits on top of an adhesive backing which interfaces with a single-use, disposable applicator. MIMIX™ therapies are thermostable, easily applied, and virtually pain free. The patch is applied with a preloaded applicator and removed after a few minutes, with no sharps bin required. Compatible with a broad array of vaccines and therapeutics, MIMIX™ therapies result in dramatically improved treatment efficacy, and significantly reduce distribution, storage, and administration costs. Traditional vaccines administered by injection into non-barrier tissue are typically cleared from the body in