A New Lense to Observe the Energy Landscape

S. Clauson, R. Foust, W. Dollar
Electrolyte LLC, Texas, United States

Keywords: Energy Harvesting, Efficiency, Cost Savings, Power Production, Future

We have identified at least three different energy market bases to serve, each being just as important. On one hand we have an industrial sector that struggles with exorbitant energy costs, while simultaneously sending thousands of scheduled fleet vehicles around the country on a daily basis. The other side of the coin shows us a civilian sector that is suffering from low income, increased costs, and the increased stress associated with those. All the while we also have an enormous amount of government, military, and municipality vehicles that are driven and parked in close proximity to buildings that use significant amounts of energy all around the world. We currently have and are further refining cost effective solutions to mitigate all of these problems and potentially eliminate them completely in the future.