Rare Earth Free Manganese Bismuth (MnBi) Permanent Magnets

B. Pratt
Magnet Energy LLC, Ohio, United States

Poster stand number: W137

Keywords: Permanent magnet, domestic, supply chain, EV, transportation

Magnet Energy is commercializing a Manganese and Bismuth (MnBi) rare earth free permanent magnet that offers superior performance to ferrite magnets, enables replacement of neodymium magnets in major applications (e.g. EV motors, wind turbines, consumer electric motors, etc.) and is produced domestically in the U.S. MnBi magnets are a permanent magnet that has an increasing internal coercivity as temperature increases. This means, as the temperature of the magnet increases, the magnet is more and more resistant to becoming demagnetized. MnBi’s internal coercivity is in stark contrast to NdFeB magnets that risk increased demagnetization as temperature increases, which typically begins at 80 C. - Compared to Ferrites MnBi is: o 20% less expensive on a $/kJ basis o 3X higher performance on a kJ/m3 basis o 3-4X BH max of ferrites (10-12 MGOe) - Compared to NdFeB: o Domestic source of permanent magnet o Up to a 90% reduction in cost depending on dopant o 40% less expensive on a $/kJ basis o Positive coercivity = low demagnetization risk