Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Effectiveness of Carbon Nanotube Sheets

D.W. Lee, H. Kim, S.J. Kim
Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea

Keywords: Electromagnetic interference shielding, Carbon nanotube,

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding is important to protect electronic instruments or human body from external electromagnetic waves. Especially, as rapidly developing electronics instrument, a thin, flexible, and lightweight EMI shielding materials are required for various fields such as airplane, hospital, and military than metal-based materials. In this research, we have utilized spinnable carbon nanotube (CNT) sheets, which is highly electrically conductive, mechanically strong and flexible, and lightweight, for EMI shielding materials. The CNT sheets were horizontally and orthogonally stacked, and the EMI specific shielding effectiveness was achieved 73,633 dB cm2 g-1 at a thickness of 4.48 um, which higher than previously reported EMI shielding materials. Additionally, EMI absorption effectiveness is measured 96%, which provides a high ability to reduce the secondary damage by reflection. Therefore, this high EMI shielding CNT sheet is not only thin, flexible, and lightweight, but also expected to have highly enhanced EMI shielding materials in the future.