Delivering Predictive Power to Future Technology Trends

A. Singh
TechNext Inc., Massachusetts, United States

Keywords: Technology performance improvement,Technology improvement rates, Moore's Law, differences in improvement rates among technologies, patent citation network

TechNext is making technology comprehensible. We are building a software product which will enable quantitative, rapid and cost-effective forecasts for any technology through an easy-to-use interface without requiring programming knowledge. TechNext predicts long term improvement rates of any technology area and delivers actionable insights. Technology decision makers will use our insights to better understand and optimize their long range budget, capability development and investment priorities. TechNext provides a comprehensive granular account of the pace of technological change. More specifically, our research predicts yearly performance improvement rates for nearly all definable technologies for the first time using the patent system network. We are now building a user-friendly system, actionable on top of the core technology prediction engine.