Microbiome-friendly Wound Healing Platform

E. Stein & L. Morton
Primal Therapies, Minnesota, United States

Poster stand number: T126

Keywords: Microbiome, Wound-Healing, Prebiotic, Postbiotic

The rise of antibiotic resistance and the catastrophic depletion of protective native bacterial/fungal skin microbiomes pose a global problem for acute wound care and in chronic wounds. We have developed a novel approach for biofilm management, called SMMRT (Selective Microbial Metabolism Regulation Technology). The SMMRT platform utilizes naturally safe metabolic agonists and antagonists to drive nutrient pressure on the skin or in a wound biofilm. Human and canine clinical outcomes include the eradication of multidrug resistant pathogens, rescue from dysbiosis, and improved healing rates compared to antibiotics or antiseptics. • Microbiome friendly wound healing platform • Nutrient pressure mechanism • Non-Toxic, Sustainable • Lightweight, durable powder (paste adaptable) • Modifies Sugar metabolism of microbiome • Inhibits growth of opportunistic pathogens • Helps maintain healthy ecosystem • Functions in multiple modalities • Biofilm regulation • Decolonizes Drug resistant Strains