SanFlow: A Therapeutic Agent for Use in the Field for Traumatic Brain Injury

C. Hsia and R.C. Koehler
AntiRadical Therapeutics LLC, United States

Keywords: traumatic brain injury, TBI, hemorrhagic shock, combat casualty care, polytrauma

AntiRadical Therapeutics is developing SanFlow as a therapeutic to reduce neural injury following traumatic brain injury (TBI) accompanied by hemorrhagic shock (HS). The efficacy of SanFlow in mouse models has been previously published. The present study in guinea pigs provides important new data that SanFlow is a multi-functional resuscitation agent for polytrauma, and may fill a significant gap by providing an early pre-hospital treatment option with an agent that can be transported and remain stable in the field. Under completed DoD Phase 1 SBIR work, we show that injection of SanFlow is neuroprotective after TBI+HS as a model of polytrauma. Guinea pigs were studied at FDA’s request because, like humans, guinea pigs do not synthesize their own ascorbic acid. We show that resuscitation with SanFlow after TBI+HS in guinea pigs provides neuroprotection against secondary brain damage in the hippocampus. The molecular mechanisms for these effects will be discussed. Ongoing DoD Phase 2 SBIR work is extending these studies to animals with gyrencephalic brains (pigs). SanFlow may enable improved management and treatment of victims of TBI+HS from the point-of-injury through intensive care management, and is expected to reduce morbidity in military and civilian populations.