Portable High Precision Radiocarbon Sensor for Stand Off Applications

B.D.V. Marino
Planetary Emissions Management Inc., Massachusetts, United States

Poster stand number: T145

Keywords: radiocarbon, nuclear material monitoring, standoff, dirty bombs

Radiocarbon (14C) is a beta emitter characteristic of neutron activation of molecular N2. Radiocarbon is also employed across industries including radiocarbon dating, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, fossil fuel treaty compliance, and detection of nuclear material processing and storage. However, high-precision radiocarbon analysis is performed in large regional accelerator facilities greatly limiting the utility of this analysis in the field setting. Here a portable high precision radiocarbon analysis system is described as under development and approaching pre-commercialization status. The R&D required, milestones and funding needed and applications are described. A dual pathway of development serving civilian and defense applications is described. The use of a portable benchtop 14C analyzer for sample analysis serves civilian and military use while a stand-off design supports the detection of undeclared nuclear material in the field.