AIVOT: An Intelligent Autonomy Agent

S. Srivastav
Aivot Robotics, Inc, Washington, United States

Keywords: Autonomous, Autonomy, Robotics, Human/System interaction, Swarm Systems

AIVOT builds fast-learning and flexible robotic solutions to perform various complex tasks in dynamic environments. The intelligent agent learns new skills by understanding spoken instructions, observing human demos, and following visual prompts. The self-learning agent uses vision to perform tasks and improves skills with feedback and experience. The software stack can also be deployed on third-party hardware (robotic arms or unmanned vehicles). The agent can also autonomously control multiple machinery pieces and coordinate tasks among them to achieve desired goals through collaboration. AIVOT leveraged its technology to build a humanoid robot prototype and deployed it at a commercial customer site for beverage bottle production. In commercial scenarios, it can be used in manufacturing, food services, retail, and healthcare sectors. In defense, AIVOT's technology can be used for surveillance & reconnaissance, neutralizing explosive threats, repair & construction, contested logistics, and terrain shaping. It can also automate a variety of mundane tasks in motor pools, manufacturing, kitchens, and field environments so that soldiers can focus on mission-critical activities. It can make cognitive decisions and coordinate across a swarm of autonomous systems for war-fighting.