Expanded Nanofiber Sponges for Management of Junctional Hemorrhage

J. Xie, S. Muntazir Andrabi, M.A. Carlson
University of Nebraska Medical Center, Nebraska, United States

Poster stand number: T128

Keywords: Electrospinning, Expandable, Nanofiber sponges, Junctional Hemorrhage

In modern warfare the time required for extrication of a wounded warfighter from the battlefield with transport to a hospital can extend to 6 h or longer. Under these conditions, effective therapies are urgently needed to stabilize patients with marginally compressible junctional hemorrhage long enough to get them to the hospital alive; implementation of such therapies should improve outcomes from potentially survivable traumatic injury. We aim to develop efficacious therapies for these difficult hemorrhagic scenarios; these therapies would be intended for the prehospital setting to stabilize patients with potentially survivable traumatic injury. Our objective is to develop injectable, re-expandable, and resorbable nanofiber-based foams with incorporation of biologically active hemostatic agents for effective management of junctional hemorrhage. Importantly, our approach is unique in its forward-looking engineering and coagulation biotechnology that enables creation of hemostatic solutions which will be scalable and cost-effective.