Using Ai, Automation, Augmentation and Machine learning to Accelerate Research

G. Milstein, J. Frank
Diffeo, Massachusetts, United States

Keywords: AI, AUTOMATION, Augmented Intellience, machine learning,

The Diffeo platform uses collaborative search and discovery algorithms to augment the intelligence of human users. Users invite Diffeo into their working documents, so that Diffeo can highlight knowledge gaps and uncover connections. Instead of manually searching, users collaborate with machine to quickly see the whole story, so they can focus on analysis and action. Diffeo uses natural language processing to recognize mentions of people, organizations and other concepts in PDFs and pages in your web browser and draft documents in Word, Outlook,etc. By inviting Diffeo into these familiar user interfaces, they become user-facing sensors that enable the machine to understand your current work. Diffeo builds a dynamic knowledge graph of related entities by mining many data sources, including your Exchange email and team shared drives, and automatically formulates queries to lower-level search engines. Diffeo Labs has been studying collaboration as a cornerstone of intelligence since 20121. The recommender engine grew out of DARPA Memex and NIST's Text Retrieval Conference (TREC) where the Diffeo team organized the TREC Knowledge Base Acceleration and Dynamic Domain evaluations from 2012 through 2015.