Fort Belvoir deploys Base of the Future

C. Evanich
S&C Electric Company, Illinois, United States

Keywords: Microgrid, Cybersecure, Energy Security

The Department of Defense Fort Belvoir Energy Security Microgrid addresses the critical issue of energy security on military installations. The Fort Belvoir Energy Security Microgrid demonstrates innovative design and control capabilities, resiliency, and energy efficiency using various generation assets paired with a cybersecure microgrid controller. The project demonstrates the use of fixed generation assets in parallel with mobile temporary generation to meet fluctuating load demands, with a peak of approximately 2.5 MW. Existing fixed generation assets, normally operated in isolation from each other, are upgraded to include more modern controls. In addition, new switching equipment was installed in the electrical distribution to allow the fixed generation to synchronize with a set of mobile temporary generators acting as the power backbone. Mobile generation is deployed on an as-needed basis to provide reliable and cybersecure energy production. Sophisticated, cybersecure microgrid controls delivered by the S&C IPERC GridMaster help form a stable microgrid during extended utility outages that can pose an operational risk at all military installations. The successful demonstration of a fixed and mobile generation-based microgrid will pave the way for DoD to creatively use existing resources and pursue similar microgrid projects.