Secure Over the Air Firmware Updates and Fleet Management for Connected Devices, Today

P. Felgentreff and A. Singer
TrustiPhi LLC, Ohio, United States

Keywords: hardware security, cybersecurity resilience, embedded security, secure boot, secure firmware update

Highly secure OTA updates for connected devices are achievable today using hardware-based security, and the security features of entire fleets of devices can be managed easily – using Micron’s new Authenta (secure flash memory) and the Triathlon security management platform from TrustiPhi. We helped Micron develop Authenta, memory with built-in security that fits into a standard socket. Authenta is cost-effective, faster and simpler for implementation of secure boot, secure OTA updates, and ongoing monitoring of device integrity. Incorporate Authenta today, with no incremental cost until you later activate its security capabilities. Easily deploy fleets of Authenta-based devices and manage their security capabilities – through their entire lifecycle - with Triathlon, our cloud-based IoT security platform. We can also validate and/or design your security architecture and assess how Authenta will perform versus other options to help your devices meet compliance, risk reduction, cost savings, and revenue generation goals. We count Intel, Microchip, DRS, and Micron among our current and past clients. Switch to Authenta flash today at no added cost, activate its security capabilities when needed, and manage security for device fleets with Triathlon. The result: faster readiness, lower-cost of compliance, reduced device risk, and simpler operation.