Intuitive on-board incident response training evaluation system

J.H. Kang
Korea Research Institute of Ships and Ocean Engineering, Daejeon, Korea

Keywords: crew location recognition, interactive incident management, onboard damage control system, decision making, VR training

Incidents that occur in ships vary from flooding or fire incidents due to collision, stranding, and so on. The consequence of the incident can be various, such as human life, environment, property. All crew members are trained to respond effectively to incidents basis in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, but effective respond to actual incidents is difficult experimentally. In order to mitigate the consequence of the incident and to preserve the ship's mission capability with essential functions, it is necessary to quantify and evaluate the regular training courses and to ensure that the individual crew members perform their respective incident response tasks effectively. In this study, we introduce the new concept of incident response training evaluation system that uses simplified and intuitive incident record, response system and crew location recognition technology. Incident response activities are recorded on the basis of shortcut key based key events.