A tool for planning and tracking building energy efficiency, grid-interactivity, and autonomy at scale

P. Rastogi
arbnco Inc., Michigan, United States

Poster stand number: T123

Keywords: energy efficiency, building portfolios, scalable renovation, energy data, energy autonomy

Efficient, smart buildings able to interact with the grid are crucial to ensuring resilience, reducing operational costs, and maintaining autonomous operations. While technologies to create efficient buildings with energy autonomy exist, implementation is difficult to scale, plan, and track over multi-year timescales. Interventions towards these goals are further complicated by the strong influence of context on building performance, where individual buildings often required tailored approaches, and the difficulty of acquiring consistent, accurate data. The upshot is that portfolio-wide efforts can often flounder due to solvable issues. We present a scalable approach to assess buildings, select interventions, and track their impact with cost-effective data input and reduced manual intervention. This approach is extensible, agnostic to technology and data source, and implemented as a portable platform. We discuss the challenges of collecting accurate data from diverse sources repeatably, .and how decisions can be made without perfect information and their impacts tracked for iterative improvement. We show how data from different sources can be normalized for analysis and benchmarking based on KPIs relevant to a user. Finally, we show a related tool under development that rolls up energy and other data for assessment and planning of large, dispersed, diverse building portfolios.