RelChip, The Industry Leader in High Reliability/Performance, Micro's

K.G. Riley
RelChip, Inc., Utah, United States

Keywords: Microelectronics, High Temperture, Highest Reliability Micro's

RelChip is the Leader in High Performance / High Temperature / Relibility Microelectronics and Custom ASIC's - DUNS: 07956562339 SIC: 3728, 7379, 7371, 5065, 8711, 3670, 3674,8742 CCR/SAM Cage: 78GW1 NAICS Codes: 36413: Aircraft Pts 541519: Program’g & Other related. 541512: Systems 541511: Services 443142: Electronics 541330: Engineering   Small Business Veteran Owned, Full Design Eng’g Manufacturing, and Consulting Services with the Highest Rated Extreme Heat /Environment Microelectronics.   QMS-AS 9100 Cert’s In Audit with Cert due 9/1/18 SERVICES OFFERED Microelectronics Design / Engineering Custom ASICs, IC’s, Micro-Controllers, RAM -55C to 300C SOI IC COTS Products ARM® Cortex-M0, 32 bit 6 Static RAM, Logic   AREAS OF USE WITH HIGH ROI Aerospace / All Platforms; USAF, NAVY, NASA, ARMY Energy – Exploration & Development Automotive EE-MM modules