Dual-Use Onboard Aircraft Platform Cybersecurity

M. Bartolotta
CCX Technologies, ON, Canada

Poster stand number: T116

Keywords: cybersecurity, vulnerability assessment, dual use,

With the progression in the military and civil aviation markets towards a more connected cockpit, comes the increase in cybersecurity vulnerabilities to flight deck and cabin systems. Persistent onboard monitoring of all networks and avionics data buses, including passenger entertainment, maintenance, and data-bus networks is a must. CCX Technologies SystemX Aviation is a cyber defense and security software platform that protects onboard aircraft networks and improves an aircraft’s cybersecurity posture. It offers Advanced Network Intrusion and Prevention Detection Systems, as well as a complete Avionics Intrusion Detection System for Avionics Data, including ARINC 429/717, CAN Bus, MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC 664 AFDX. In the cabin, SystemX provides secure, monitored, configurable interfaces between Personal Electronic Devices and the Internet through external SATCOM terminals and integrated terrestrial radios (LTE and WiFi). When utilizing the integrated VPN, all Internet bound traffic can be routed through a SystemX Server on the ground which provides encryption over all unencrypted (and easily intercepted) SATCOM interfaces. SystemX is the most complete onboard aircraft platform cybersecurity solution available today, allowing military and civilian aircraft operators to strengthen their cybersecurity posture in preparation for whatever threats that lie ahead.