Visual Collaboration: The Missing Gap for Driving Efficiencies and Effectiveness with Remote Teams

P. Rollo
Bluescape, Colorado, United States

Keywords: visual collaboration, virtual work platform, SaaS, secure collaboration

Whether connecting dispersed workers, maintaining a Common Operating Picture with existing tools, managing a SOC/NOC, or responding to critical and unexpected incidents, Bluescape gives your teams the ability to maintain Situational Intelligence, on one interface, by visualizing your mission critical data from any location, unifying all sources of content to aid decision-making, with extensible security measures. Bluescape provides a secure virtual environment for teams to interact with each other, data, and information no matter where individuals are located. End-to-end encryption, and secure hosting options mean team members are protected no matter where they are. Bluescape creates a single source of truth for preparing, managing, and reporting on any event. Avoid inefficiencies caused by shifting between tools and documents. Embedded synchronous and asynchronous communication ensures everyone is up-to-date. Bluescape enables your organization’s existing tools to work together on day one. As needs change, our API allows custom builds that enable data to flow into workspaces from other applications tailored to the needs of your organization. Bluescape scales with global organizations by providing enterprise-ready user roles and permission. Access to data can be customized to meet the needs of any organization, and can sync with existing tools.