Nano Oil Additive Improves Efficiency and Reduces Friction in Internal Combustion Engines

C. Bailey
Novum Nano, United States

Keywords: advanced nano material, oil additive,

Current engine oils limit internal combustion engine efficiency and longevity. Adding carbon nanotubes and hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets significantly increases lubricity and thermal conductivity, creating extreme friction reduction compared to high performance synthetic motor oils alone. A ratio of 45-parts Mobil oil to 1-part nano-additive significantly decreases the friction coefficient at any rpm when compared to stock Mobil oil. This 45:1 ratio provides a 15.5 % friction-reduction over Mobil motor oil at 1000 rpm, a 33.3 % friction reduction at 2000 rpm and, and a 69.6 % friction-reduction at 3000 rpm. When using a 9:1 ratio, there is an achieved 79.6 % friction reduction over Mobil motor oil at 1000 rpm, and a 75.0 % friction-reduction at 2000 rpm. This second ratio will benefit diesel engines commonly used in DoD vehicles/equipment, while less concentrated ratios are better for higher revving gasoline engines. Test vehicles (Toyota Hybrid, Pontiac and Subaru passenger cars, and a Ford F150) are currently using this novel nano oil additive. Drivers have noted improved starts, noticeable power increase, and up to 11% better fuel economy. Engine longevity and oil lifetime are also expected to be increased as well.