A novel advanced microfabrication technology (micromilling) to manufacture state-of-the-art sensing technologies

C. Dale
Microbritt Ltd, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom

Poster stand number: T102

Keywords: Advanced Microscale Manufacturing, Brittle Materials,

Microbritt is a start-up company based in the United Kingdom which was born from a patent which allows for subtractive microstructuring (micromilling) of hard and ultra-hard materials. The underlying technology is akin to 3D printing but subtractive down to the microscale, uniquely in brittle materials such as silicon. As such, the company started trading in Oct 2022 to provide a low-volume, high-value microscale production service to industry worldwide. The technology allows Microbritt to produce microstructures which cannot be made, or cannot be made easily, using current microfabrication technologies – complex geometries for a range of bespoke applications. From customers interaction, it has been found the technology is extremely useful for fabricating geometries in thick (up to 10 mm) substrates which are hard to process conventionally. Current defence applications, to name a few, being to manufacture RF MEMS, microfluidics, and vapour cell technologies. Additionally, due to the nature of the technology, it allows for rapid prototyping of microscale products, increasing the rate of innovation of the end-user allowing them to reach market / develop the technology more quickly.