Development of safety evaluation technology for integrated reformer for 20kW SOFC system

T.H. Lim, D.W. Jo, H.S. Kim, J.W. Hong, S.B. Lee, S.J. Park, R.H. Song, J.W. Shin, S. Shaheryar Ali Shamsi
KIER, qw, South Korea

Keywords: SOFC, Pre-reformer, heat exchanger integrated refomer, BOP, safety

Around the world, especially in developed countries, continuous efforts are being made to secure various energy sources to respond to climate change and energy prices. In particular, in the case of fuel cells, which have the best energy sustainability among renewable energy sources, the solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) system is closest to commercialization mainly in Korea and Japan, which have the best city gas infrastructure. It is hoped that the resulting SOFC system component price reduction technology will become a driving force in the spread of the domestic fuel cell market. In this study, we aimed to reduce the price of the SOFC hot BOP and ensure safety by evaluating the safety performance of a hybrid pre-reformer that integrates a heat exchanger and a pre-reformer. We conducted a safety performance evaluation of the 20kW SOFC hybrid pre-reformer system. In particular, by comparing the evaluation results of catalyst operation characteristics, harsh condition tests, and environmental tests such as operating temperature, we aim to re-establish the SOFC BOP certification standards and promote the early revitalization of the SOFC BOP parts industry.