The Advanced Integrated Resilience System (AIRS)

G. Weltman, S. Mastro, L. Glassman, C. Simon-Arndt, S. Hurtado, C.J. Thomsen, P. Nardulli
Perceptronics Solutions, Inc., Virginia, United States

Poster stand number: W116

Keywords: Stress, resilience, coherence, heart-rate variability, training

The Advanced Integrated Resilience System (AIRS) is a comprehensive resilience-building program, developed by the scientists at the Naval Health Research Center in collaboration with Perceptronics Solutions, Inc. AIRS is based on a previous, evidence-based program called the Stress Resilience Training System (SRTS), which has demonstrated benefits for service members, police officers, and elite athletes. These benefits included improvements in depression/anxiety, decision-making, and resilience. Like SRTS, AIRS comprises three mutually reinforcing components: (1) An initial interactive hands-on workshop; (2) A smart phone app with biofeedback; and (3) Weekly meetings with a peer mentor across a multi-week training period. All the components were redesigned in the transition to AIRS. The main changes include: adaptation of the app and sensor for Android platforms, incorporating additional cognitive behavioral techniques, updating and adding new games and exercises within the app (which allow for practicing and receiving biofeedback on heart rate variability coherence), and ensuring that images and voiceovers represent the diversity of Sailors. Planning is underway to conduct a randomized controlled trial to examine the effects of AIRS and each of its three components on the performance, resilience, and mental and behavioral health of active duty and reserve Sailors and Marines.