3D Virtual Environments to Reduce Refit Delays

M. Russalesi, G. Miller
Synergy Software Design, United States

Keywords: 3D, Virtual, Environment, Savings, Readiness

3D Virtual Environments are expanding the way we interact with each other and with model-based objects. Web-based applications are increasing collaboration at an exponential rate. New laser scanning technologies are reducing the time to collect spatial data, and reducing the need for labor intensive digital post processing. We combined all three of these technology breakthroughs to update an existing Navy N4 Defense Business System application, SPIDERS* 3D to increase agility and creativity in decision making ability for the Naval Shipyard community Imagine logging in securely from any NMCI/DOD machine, independently with other stakeholders, into a digital twin of your dry dock or production space. In this environment you can click and drag any object that would be movable in the real world, to plan the layout of equipment and services, and de-conflict and manage space constraints. These layouts can then be tied to a timeline, capturing the flow and placement to different phase of a project, and archived to capture best practice for future planning.