PROTECT (PoweR Output from ThermoElectric/Catalyst Technology)

Y. Khakpour, M. Pearson
Raytheon Technologies Research Center, Connecticut, United States

Poster stand number: W117

Keywords: ThermoElectric, portable power, off-base electricity supplies, backup power

PROTECT (PoweR Output from ThermoElectric/Catalyst Technology) is a low-cost (< 10% of gross system power generation). This system has higher energy and power density than all other energy solutions (primary/secondary batteries, fuel cells, internal combustion engines) in the 100-500 W power range. PROTECT is the ideal solution that is independent of off-base electricity supplies for interrupted power emergency situations such as failure of external electrical supplies, or destruction by nature or sabotage. Furthermore, PROTECT compact units allow rapid assembly of multiple units in a modular way to produce more power on demand for a wide range of military needs. Under joint collaboration, RTRC and Pennsylvania State University (PSU) have made significant advances under a DARPA MATRIX program to demonstrate compact and reliable thermoelectric power generation, and now propose a TRL 6 demonstration of a 100-500 W ultra-distributed, cost-competitive, backup power generation system.