Warfighter Physiological Status Prediction

Z. Cheng
Innovision, LLC., Ohio, United States

Keywords: Warfighter, Physiology, Modeling and Simulation, Physiological Status Prediction, Mission Readiness Assessment

Dismounted warfighters often experience physiological strain close to their physiological limits in their missions, such as patrolling in a desert in high temperatures or venturing through high mountain terrain with a restricted oxygen supply. The physiological strain experienced by a warfighter not only affects his performance but also may lead to injury or even death. Therefore, investigations were performed to develop a systematic procedure for predicting an individual warfighter’s physiological status, including (a) Environment set-up, to identify a geolocation and to determine environmental conditions for a mission; (b) Warfighter modeling and simulation, to create a digital human model to replicate warfighter mission activities; (c) Physical activity energy expenditure analysis, to calculate the metabolic energy required for a warfighter to undertake his mission tasks based on the inverse kinematics/dynamics of his body motion; and (d) Physiological status prediction: to predict the status for an individual warfighter based on his physical/physiological characteristics, environmental conditions, and activity intensity represented by the rate of metabolic energy required. A software system was developed to implement the procedure with basic capabilities for the prediction. A case study was performed to test and demonstrate the functions of the software system.