Self-Cleaning Coatings

F. Urban
Spartan Innovations, Michigan, United States

Keywords: Self-cleaning, coatings, materials

This technology suite is an omniphobic polyurethane coating with the ability to repel many types of liquids (such as ink, paint, water, and oil) and other materials. Fluorine-free and cost-effective to manufacture, these coatings not only repels liquids, and are smudge and scratch-resistant and mechanically durable once applied to a surface. It’s four times cheaper to manufacture than the closest competitive technology. At several microns thick, coating is optically clear, making it an ideal choice for windows, mirrors, or screens and other waterproof surfaces. Since liquids bead up and roll off the surface this coating has a ‘self-cleaning’ property, such that rain or a light wash liquid will more easily remove contaminants repelled by the surface. While there are products that excel at repelling water, few have the ability to repel multiple forms of liquids; particularly inks. To reduce production cost, this technology is manufactured with simple and cost effective one-pot approach by eliminating the need for graft or block copolymers. Applied via spray, drop cast and roll cast, the coating cures ambiently, with no toxicity and EPS-approved materials. These coatings may be used with glass, coat fibers, metals, wood, fabrics and ceramics with ease.