Zero Trust Authentication - Blockchain government ID with PKI Orchestration

M. Vesey, E. Vinton, K. Kneis
IdRamp, Iowa, United States

Poster stand number: W109

Keywords: blockchain identity, PKI orchestration, Zero Trust, verifiable credentials, Biometrics

IdRamp technology provides rapid deployment of Zero Trust authentication and access control with no coding or re-platforming. This method accelerates adoption of the mandatory zero-trust federal security strategy for government and private sector organizations. It orchestrates diverse PKI credentials based on blockchain encryption with dynamic assurance factors, including biometrics, document proofing, FIDO, and liveness detection. Additional factors and access control policies can be added or excluded on demand according to security framework mandates. The solution can easily plug into existing COTS applications and mission focused platforms via open source interoperability standards. No coding and no changes to existing platforms needed. Practical applications include protecting access to services and applications with state-of-the art Know Your Customer assurance levels. Increasing Zero Trust Identity assurance authentication for popular business applications like Zoom meeting attendees, Slack, and Atlassian. As an access control orchestration technology, it can bridge diverse PKI systems that operate across public and private ecosystems. The largest barrier to implementing zero trust is replacing or rebuilding existing legacy infrastructures, followed by determining what set of tech