Biological Vital Sensor made from Carbon Nanotube Yarn

S. Tsuruoka
Siddarmark LLC, Tokyo, Japan

Keywords: CNT, Wearable sensor, Vital sensing, WEB connected, telemedicine, remote healthcare

Wearable Biological Vital Sensor Our pure CNT yarn sensor has been developed and is semi-commercially available for use. Due to the chaos created by COVID-19, we have prioritized the development of biological sensing equipment applications for e-Hospitals rather than focusing on applications for computer games or monitors for driving and piloting. Since the end 2018, our sensor chips have been adopted and tested by the Japan National Institute of Health Services, where the next generation for acute toxicological test methods are investigated without slaughtering animals. These tests were successful, and the first results were reported at the Japanese Society of Toxicology’s annual conference in June of 2020. We are also working with university hospitals for testing brain signals and myoelectricity of the respiratory system. Like our CNT synthesis, the spinning, fabric applications, and signal amplifier have been developed by ourselves. We are flexible and can adjust the products style to meet our future partners’ needs. The sensor system consists sensor chips embedded in wristbands or shirts, the amplifier to pick up those vital signals, and the software to analyze the signals. The current model can last over 24 hours and the battery can be recharged.