Hydrogen fuel cell powered air and road or air and water eVTOL vehicle (flying forklift)

S. Sathya
LuftCar LLC, Florida, United States

Poster stand number: W135

Keywords: aerospace. air mobility, flying car, flying forklift. cargo delivery, UUV launch and recovery. hydrogen, decarbonisation

There are no light duty, 'air and road capable' electric air vehicles for the US military to be part of the ‘WarFighter’. A single vehicle that can seamlessly accomplish both air and road missions will enable faster defense movements and reduce logistics inefficiencies and cost. Today’s drone delivery are limited in the payload and distance due to energy density limitations from batteries. There is a need for vehicles capable of seamless travel in both air and road to connect remote areas for cargo delivery. LuftCar is a hydrogen powered, autonomous Air and Road Mobility eVTOL vehicle. The air vehicle can detach from the road vehicle providing uninterrupted air and road mobility. Air vehicle flies up to 300 miles at 200 mph max speed and at 4000 ft altitude. Road vehicle travels150 miles. Payload is 1500 lbs. As a variant, of the LuftCar, we have also developed a LuftDiver concept that enables the launch and recovery of the UUVs from longer distances through autonomous flying eVTOL vehicles with a unique grappling and landing mechanisms. We sincerely hope that LuftCar and LuftDiver will meet the critical need for Warfighter .