Autonomous Decentralized Swarms with Adversarial Resistance

M. Borowczak, S. Wolf, R. Cooley, J. Fantl, G. Burrows
University of Wyoming, United States

Keywords: autonomous drone, drone swarm, resilient,sense-based organization,self-organizing

As the use of autonomous and semi-autonomous mobile agent systems (e.g. land, sea, and air-based drones) increases, especially in combat and permitter defense scenarios, adversarial impacts have more significant mission consequences. Our earlier work developed drone swarms with biomorphic behavior without any drone-to-drone or drone-to-base communication. Subsequent work also created adversarial drone swarms capable of hijacking (and corralling) semi and fully-autonomous swarms. This poster presents the evolution of these projects along with a fully autonomous drone swarm that is resilient to 1) adversarial swarms, 2) loss of individual drones and 3) scale (by factors of 10x to 1000x).