Variable Autonomy for Remote Robotic Systems

BluHaptics (dba Olis), Washington, United States

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Sensor Fusion, Robotics, Autonomous Systems

BluHaptics is developing software technology that allows pilot assisted control of remote robotic systems to conduct operations in complex and highly dynamic environments. BluHaptics technology is unique because it is designed to be inter-operable with any robotic platform and able to scale for single operator control of robotic fleets. In addition the BluHaptic software technology can also rapidly conduct scans of an environment using low cost sensors (optical, acoustic, or other) to provide three dimensional renderings of the robotic environment in timelines of several seconds. Through the robotic control system, that is able to stabilize a robotic arm in dynamic situation, and 3-D renderings, pilots are able to quickly train robots to safely execute tasks, identify objects and maintain surveillance of an area. This capability could bring immense value to military operators by enabling remote access to hazardous (radiation, fire, etc) sites; maintenance and repair of vessels/vehicles while underway; minimize personnel risk; and minimize dedicated personnel and training costs to execute repeatable yet complex tasks.