Machine learning in parts & spare parts recognition

L. Giguère
VyoO (Applications Mobiles Overview, Inc.), QC, Canada

Keywords: 3D Reconstruction, Recognition, Analysis, Machine Learning, Photogrammetry

VyoO's proprietary patented 3D technology enables any user to address unstructured data from a physical object or human body with a simple video by any smartphone. Subsequently, those datasets can be used to identify that object or recognize it in a 3D CAD database and/or get analyzed for creating customized solutions. We have developed a full suite of 3D scanning, reconstruction, and analysis solutions for industrial inspection, and medical-precision body measurements, and full-body scanning for various purposes. By adopting VyoO’s technology and leveraging computer vision and machine learning; the non-expert user could simplify the link between the virtual & the real world, ensuring client data security and all needed is a camera on any mobile device. What we offer is “The universal language of 3D”; Reconstruct, Recognize, Analyze. Applications: 1. MRO • Part Identification, Wear & Tear Measurement • Remote Maintenance: even where no data service is available • Defects Detection: Examine defects using 3-dimensional scanning 2. In factory Management • Volume Measurement & Inventory Management: Manage assets in buildings, factories, etc., Recognize old parts, Create 3D models for non-listed parts 3. Assembly Validation & Design • Reverse-Engineering (CAD Modelling)