Nuclear Replaces Diesel Generators, 110x Reduction in Power Logistics Burden

D. Bernauer, A. Eliassen
Radiant, California, United States

Poster stand number: W110

Keywords: nuclear, microreactor, resilient energy

Radiant is developing a nuclear microreactor, Kaleidos, the first portable, zero-emissions power source that works anywhere with no external infrastructure requirements. Each unit delivers over 1 MegaWatt of load-following electricity generation and can operate for up to 5 years, providing enough power to support over 1,000 homes. An equivalent diesel generator would require 5500 tons of fuel over 5 years compared to the 50 ton container mass for Kaleidos. Remote monitoring with centralized fueling and maintenance enables microgrid capabilities without any permanent land use impacts. It can provide electricity and heat to remote communities, disaster-stricken areas, and austere military bases. The portable design allows for rapid(48 hr) deployment of new units in remote or populated areas, providing a resilient source of clean energy.