Soy Protein Derived Wound Dressings

J. Connell
NeuEsse Inc., Pennsylvania, United States

Keywords: Wounds, Burns, Skin, Regenerative Medicine, Trauma

Our flagship product “OmegaSkin” utilizes a product solution employing a soybean plant based protein, spun into a mesh patch or scaffold generating a unique extra cellular matrix for wound closure, healing and regeneration. Spun and applied by our revolutionary spin blower device - IP is company controlled. The bandage adheres to the wound bed, absorbs the wound exudate and affords the body the ability to regenerate healthy normal skin. Our plant based skin substitute provides a readily available off the shelf solution that promotes wound healing with less scarring and intact hair follicles and sweat glands. Because of the widespread global availability of the raw materials risk to a dramatic scale-up is mitigated. “OmegaSkin” is fully compliant, unlike other skin substitutes, produced from bovine, porcine or cadaverous sources that are forbidden from use by billions of potential global patients due to religious or cultural beliefs/restrictions. The ability to have a plant based skin ready for field based hospitals as well as our VA system will be a huge advantage over present costly skin substitutes which require refrigeration, laboratory preparation or other handling issues. The superior results in closure and time to heal are the deciding factor.