Mitigating corrosion risk and enhancing asset integrity with predictive maintenance and condition-based monitoring

L. Williams and V. Ram
OLI Systems, Inc., New Jersey, United States

Keywords: Asset integrity, corrosion management, condition based monitoring, predictive maintenance, equipment reliability

Corrosion is a formidable challenge in naval transportation due primarily to the harsh marine environment. Corrosion concerns on critical assets compounded with equipment complexity, identification of new safety hazards, impacts to mission readiness, and environmental concerns contribute to a negative influence on national security. OLI Systems specializes in complex chemical process simulation that deliver corrosion predictions for marine assets including surface, subsea, and amphibious vessels. This poster spotlights the role of condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance, aided by OLI's chemistry-based insights, in proactively managing corrosion risk. These techniques yield impressive benefits including increased asset life, increased asset reliability, reduced cost , improved mission readiness, and overall enhanced capabilities. Maturing from design to operations, OLI Systems furthers the use of the corrosion models to create online digital twins for monitoring to optimize equipment reliability and operations. OLI Cloud APIs, in conjunction with data historians and maintenance records, result in predictions that monitor corrosion and mineral scaling. These predictions generate outcomes including accurate asset life projections, optimized maintenance schedules and improved materials selection insights for informed actions.