Cyber IoT Endpoint Asset Provision, Management & Monitoring

M. Gundling
TerraGo Technologies, Virginia, United States

Keywords: IoT, blockchain, dark web

This technology is believed to be the first application that provides full-chain of custody and lifecycle management of cyber assets represented by IoT devices. A secure cloud-based application platform enables trusted workflows for the monitoring and management of IoT sensors throughout their lifecycle from procurement, inventory, installation, commissioning, maintenance and secure disposition. This application extends beyond the smart network to provide a high volume IoT intelligence and processing engine for open and dark web monitoring to identify targeted threats against smart city/military base infrastructure - this means we will securely collect system information including IPs and services, e.g. web services for APIs, and identify when external threats arise (Dark Web, pastebin, open source fraud sites, social media, etc.) Our data collection capability will scan the smart city/military base infrastructure, including publicly exposed and routable IPs, to identify vulnerabilities and inadvertent (poorly managed) exposure.