No Heat Liquid Metal Solder

I. Tevis
SAFI-Tech, United States

Keywords: Interconnect, solder, no heat, flexible electronics, liquid metal

Supercooled Liquid Metal Particles separate the use of solder from the heat needed to melt it. The particles are micro-sized capsules comprised of liquid metal solder inside a thin flexible shell. These capsules allows the metal solder to stay liquid at room temperature and below, far cooler than the point where it normally should be solid. Unlike current industry manufacturing practices that require significant heat in order to use metal solder or cure adhesives, NO heat is needed. Breaking the capsule shell allows the liquid metal inside to flow out, which then solidifies in a few seconds to create a full metallic interconnect. Using significantly lower temperatures in electronics manufacturing greatly broadens the design and materials available to unlock the door to many new opportunities. The result: smaller and more innovative devices with next generation features for sectors such as defense, automotive, consumer, aerospace, and health