A novel energy storage device: supercapbattery for defense applications

M.K. Ram, A. Takshi
PolyMaterials App, LLC, Florida, United States

Poster stand number: W118

Keywords: supercapacitor, lithium battery, high energy, high power, sustainable

PolyMaterials App, LLC (PolyMaterials), presents an innovative a flexible supercapbattery (SCB) with high energy and high-power densities-based energy storage device. The new SCB is a hybrid of a supercapacitor electrochemical capacitor (EC) and a Li-ion battery. What we propose with the Supercapbattery is the best of both worlds, i.e., a source of both energy and power! SCB is transformative and revolutionary because it can power the devices and will solve issues such as thermal runaway, economic viability, weight, and size reduction etc. Our aim is to optimize the anode materials to obtain the desired power and energy based SCB device. This innovative concept has the potential to produce a new SCB that has the energy density of a state-of-the-art rechargeable battery and the power density of a conventional supercapacitor. Specifically, the objective is to develop a flexible prototype supercapbattery cell with targeted properties, namely, a specific capacitance >600 F/g, operating temperature range -80 to +100 °C, specific power >100-150 kW/kg, energy density > 100 Wh/kg, and a cycle life of ~100,000 cycles. This will be accomplished through asymmetric structure using electrodes made of a combination of novel, our patented supercapacitative materials.