Four New Metalworking Processes for Shipbuilding and UltraTall Wind Towers to Capture Energy from the Low Level Jet

J. E. Jones, J. R. Dydo, V. L. Rhoades, M. D. Mann, T. Surufka
EnergynTech, Inc., Colorado, United States

Keywords: Additive-Manufacturing, Welding, Cutting, Forming, Wind-Energy

EnergynTech has invented and patented four new manufacturing processes which include portable, high-power, Hybrid induction heating. These processes have capabilities which include: welding speeds and productivity increases of 3X - 8X (e.g. completely eliminating weld distortion -- thousands of man-hours are used straightening weld distortion of decks, bulkheads and hulls of Navy ships), metal cutting speeds of up to 35X (e.g., cutting submarine hull plate at 80 inches per minute), non-contact thermal forming of metal plates and parts using only strategically placed heating and cooling -- direct from CAD - to - part automated system processing. Full-time, real-time Artificial Intelligence based weld quality monitoring of robotic/automated and manual welding. Camera-in-the-Torch manual welding with full video archiving and complete digital weld quality monitoring. These technologies are fully applicable to better and lower cost fabrication of Navy ships. Also, the processes are portable and can be taken on-site to fabricate wind towers that are too large to ship by road or rail. A wind tower design that is on-site fabricated and self-erecting (no crane height limitation) to capture the massive energy source known as the Low Level Jet.