Cube-Sats Hosted Payloads Rapidly Address Capability Gaps

M. Carhart
Spire Global, Inc., Virginia, United States

Keywords: Cube-Sat, LEO, RF, MDA, Weather

Spire Global, Inc. is a Satellite-Powered data services company that utilizes a constellation of Cube-Satellites to persistently collect radio frequency (RF) signals at a global scale in near real time from Low Earth Orbit (LEO). Spire designs, builds, and operates a growing constellation of over 60 Cube-Satellites to provide AIS Maritime Domain Awareness, ADS-B Aircraft Tracking, GPS R.O. Precise weather observations for Space and Terrestrial Weather forecasting and hosted payloads for space as a service. Spire operates a network of 28 of ground stations, a real-time acquisition and processing system, and a cloud based data distribution service. Spire manufactures a Cube Satellite every week and conducts launch campaigns every six to eight weeks. Spire can integrate a space ready custom payload and deploy it into Low Earth Orbit inside a six month period. Spire' architecture is fully encrypted end to end insuring that we can provide secure data services for hosted payloads. Spire's history of repeatable systems enable us to provide hosted payload services at a much lower cost than traditional space vendors because we are leveraging cutting edge and continuously evolving Cube-Satellite technologies.