A Trusted and Secure Semiconductor Supply Chain using Blockchain Technology and Hardware Oriented Security

A. Kulkarni and M. Niamat
University of Toledo, Ohio, United States

Poster stand number: W120

Keywords: Blockchain Technology, Hardware Security, Semiconductor, Supply Chain

The semiconductor supply chain has faced many challenges, including Intellectual Property (IP) theft, hardware Trojan intrusion, and cloning; to name a few. Hence, it is crucial to develop solutions to not only ensure integrity of the supply chain but also to secure the chip from being tampered. A combination of the concepts of blockchain technology and hardware security for protecting the semiconductor supply chain is introduced in this work. Many investigations have revealed that most of the ICs are compromised during the fabrication process at the foundry. Split manufacturing is a technique that has been introduced to eliminate the security risks associated with outsourcing IC fabrication. This work postulates the implementation of Physically Unclonable Functions (PUFs) on the silicon wafers at the trusted foundry during split manufacturing. In addition, a blockchain-enabled file storage system is presented to ensure secure transfer of design file. The trustworthiness of the supply chain to track and trace the ownership of any asset like the IP or IC is realized using blockchain technology. The blockchain network for simulation was developed on Truffle running on the Geth environment provided by Ethereum. The smart contracts were developed using the Solidity language.