Eagle Eye Enhanced Reality

O. Filippova, A. Filippov
Elphel, Inc., Utah, United States

Poster stand number: W150

Keywords: Synthetic stereo, enhanced reality, long-range depth sensing, LWIR 3D perception, thermal contrast

We propose to present 3D data as a directly viewable enhanced stereo video stream that can be easily interpreted by an operator providing situational awareness at hundreds and thousands of meters. Enhanced Reality (ER) has several advantages over see-through AR because human stereo-vision is limited to a few meters and does not allow depth perception at long distances. The AR data can only be presented to the operator in symbolic format leading to an additional cognitive load. Our approach uses synthesized 3D to achieve the "enhanced" long-range stereo vision. It is synthesized from high-resolution RGB or thermal images (with our 20x thermal contrast increase technology) and depth maps, also generated by processing images. The 3D depth measurements we currently achieve, even with the relatively low-resolution thermal camera, far exceed that of human vision, making it possible to artificially increase the presentation stereo-base to a thousand millimeters (and more) compared to 65mm of humans. This stereo-base scaling proportionally increases the perceived 3D ranges, allowing the operator to estimate far objects' distances. Higher than human synthesized resolution allows to zoom in on objects of interest, utilizing the eye-tracking technology while still providing a clear view of the immediate surroundings.