Ultra-fast solid state DC circuit breaker for future combatant and commercial ships

P. Cairoli, V.R.V. Ramanan, L. Omati, M. Carminati
ABB Inc., United States

Keywords: Solid State Circuit Breaker, DC shipboard power system, High efficiency, Low fuel consumption, Low Emissions, Low Life Cycle Cost, Energy Storage Systems

We present an ultra-fast solid state circuit breaker that enables safe and reliable operation and selectivity of DC shipboard power systems. Commercial vessels with an onboard DC grid have been proven to operate at the highest energy efficiency level and to minimize emissions. This enables significant power savings and lower operational cost for marine applications from cargo ships to cruise ships. Combatant ships with integrated power systems and DC distribution systems enable reduction of ship acquisition and life-cycle costs without compromising on the performance requirements. The development of an optimized semiconductor technology enables best in class efficiency and ultra-fast performance. Faults can be detected in less than 10 us and a fault can be interrupted in less than 100 us, limiting the arc-flash energy to a non-dangerous value for personnel and equipment. The development of an advanced solid state cooling system enables very high power density and low maintenance costs. The ultra-fast circuit breaker acts promptly and reliably, ensures the survivability of the distribution system, and enables energy and cost savings over the lifetime of both military and commercial vessels