Available Power

P. Orem, F. Orem
ThermaWatts, LLC, Oregon, United States

Keywords: Energy, electricity, power, cooling, mobile

We have a device that converts heat into electricity based on self-establishing internal temperature differences. Internally, the device is composed of alternating, submicron-thick layers of semiconductor materials, with thermoelectric effects between each layer. We hold patents for the device in the United States (8624100), China, Taiwan, and India. A typical packaging of the devices is shown in the attached Pdf file. It shows an array of 0603 versions of the device and a voltage regulator, all mounted on a PC board and metal heat conductor. The concept was developed based on observations about heterojunctions in LEDs and prototyped from fabrications at Stanford using AlGaAs. A National Science Foundation SBIR Phase I grant allowed fabrications using HgCdTe, which demonstrated higher performance.The grant also enabled further development of underlying physics through measurements on LEDs.