FCS - Automated Pascal Casting Machine

C. Murray and M. Bliss
Foundry Casting Systems, LLC, Minnesota, United States

Poster stand number: W103

Keywords: Metal, Casting, Porosity, Foundry, Aluminum

FCS has developed a machine platform & automated process based on past DOD funded paper such as "Superior Weapons Systems Through Castings (SWC)" (Award no W15QKN-10-2-0001 - Nov 30,2012). Our Automated Pascal Casting (APC) machine offering fills a void in the market identified by this paper by providing commercial equipment for DOD & private foundries to enhance the casting of metal parts (both ferrous & non-ferrous). The Pascal Process is automated by the APC machine and provides the user the ability to reduce porosity therefore enhancing the mechanical properties of the part. This advanced manufacturing technology has been called cutting edge after proprietary research was successfully completed at University of Northern Iowa's Metal Casting Center. The Pascal Process offers the opportunity to improve density, elongation and tensile strength of the sand or investment casted part without requiring changes to metallurgy, mold or pouring procedures. The APC also affords the user to capture upto 60% of VOC & HAP emissions created when parts are casted.