Toward Long-Range Adaptive Communication via Information Centric Networking

Y. Liu and A. Dowling
Clarkson University, New York, United States

Keywords: Information Centric Network, Long Range and Low Power Communication, Multi-hop Ad Hoc Network

As Internet of Things (IoT) applications become more and more pervasive and large-scale, one single wireless communication technology may not be able to support reliable and efficient data collection and information delivery. For example, the emerging IoT networking technology, LoRa, can provide long-distance and low-power wireless transmissions; however, its low data rate limits its application for high-data transmission. It is necessary to enable adaptive communication and interoperability over multiple heterogeneous wireless links to meet the requirements of large-scale IoT applications. This poster leverages Named Data Networks (NDN), an emerging information-centric network architecture, to interconnect diverse wireless links at the network layer and implements flexible routing and forwarding strategies for efficient information dissemination. The system focuses on implementing the interface between NDN and LoRaWAN, and interconnecting LoRaWAN and WiFi via NDN Forwarding Daemon (NFD) into a ubiquitous ad hoc network, which bears very long-range and multi-hop capabilities for Device-to-Device (D2D) communication. Field experimental results show that the newly built ad hoc network can easily cover a radius of several kilometers and make full use of NDN features to maximize utilization of heterogeneous wireless links and efficiency of information dissemination.