Intelligent Battery Power Management System (iBPM) with Distributed Master-less DC/DC Converters for Energy Storage Applications

D. Xiang
X-wave Innovations, Inc., Maryland, United States

Poster stand number: W119

Keywords: Battery Management System, DC/DC Converter, Intelligent Control, Power balance

Traditional battery-operated electrical vehicles (EVs) use one or a group of centralized DC/DC converters for voltage adjustments. Such approach has low efficiency, high heat dissipation, and intrinsically prone to premature failure. In this work, X-wave Innovations, Inc, (XII) developed an intelligent battery power management system (iBPMS, US Patent pending), which is a distributed DC/DC converter system that can be incorporated into various types of batteries and provides fault tolerant efficient DC/DC power conversion. Each individual system works independently and collaboratively in series or parallel fashion. The embedded firmware of the iBPMS system automatically responds to user need and adjusts output of each individual unit. Working together, all battery units provide power at the same pace and the utilization of stored energy is maximized through the iBPMS system. In the case of individual battery failure, the embedded firmware is capable of quickly disconnect the faulty unit from the load, without interruption on load operation, and prevents catastrophic failure from happening. The iBPMS system uses every battery back regardless of specific chemistry to the best of its ability to achieve a higher level of delivered power, stored energy and cycle life.