Contracting Officer Representative IT Solution

D. Naseer
World Technology U.S.A LLC, United States

Keywords: Logistics, non conforming parts, supply, inventory, readiness, Quality Management System, Risk Assessment

The COR IT solution was developed for use by Government Contracting Officer Representatives (CORs) and Contractors fulfilling contractual obligations. It is based on the Aerospace Quality Management System (QMS) . It is a web enabled audit platform with (AWS) capabilities over a secure network. It provides quantitative and qualitative data to enable Management to analyze supply chain operations, non-conformity issues, customer satisfaction, employee competence, employee training, management reviews, corrective and preventative actions and other factors important to a QMS. It is focused on risk-based analysis, taking advantage of systemic opportunities and preventing undesirable results. The QMS IT Solution is an electronic audit system that incorporates all the significant elements of a paper based surveillance plan and is adaptable to any industry. The system maintains records of all Contractor communication with the Government and Government replies to audit questions. It is not impacted by high turnover in COR and Contractor audit personnel. By design, it reduces the number of repetitive maintenance tasks and reduces labor costs while increasing levels of productivity and efficiency. We are in the development phases of an Artificial Intelligence prediction model to anticipate areas of high risk and potential impact of these on the overall program.