Ultra-Safe and Rapid Charge/Discharge Batteries with High Power Densities

J. Watkins
University of Massachusetts Amherst, Massachusetts, United States

Keywords: lithium ion batteries, fire resistant, rapid charge/discharge, high power density, microbatteries

We present two lithium ion battery technologies of value to both military and commercial markets. The first involves an ultra-safe separator/electrolyte combination that is fire resistant and durable. The technology allows continued operation after puncture. Batteries with this technology would be suitable for operation in confined environments where safety is paramount and for in vehicles where both fire resistance and damage resistance are important. The second technology involves a scalable approach to producing robust 3-D battery electrode architectures that enable very rapid charge/discharge cycles and very high power densities. The batteries exhibit excellent capacity retention at very high C rate (40% retention at 300 C, for example) and behave like battery - capacitor hybrids.