Automated text mining of large amounts of text documents for security and intelligence analysis

N. Peladeau
Provalis Research, QC, Canada

Keywords: text analytics, text mining, wordstat, text analysis

Automatically and quickly find topics, keywords, phrases and other elements of natural language (40 plus languages) to identify threats, risks, locations in very large volume of text documents. Software can be used by people with little or no experience or programming skills. Expert mode allows you to build and use specific categorization dictionaries and machine learning techniques to increase the precision of your document search. Desk top software, secure in your environment. You can combine quantitative data in joint qual/quant analysis. Annotate/tag NL text data from operational and intelligence reports to make them available for analysis as quickly as possible and locate all documents on a particular theme in a very large corpora with speed and accuracy. Many other uses such as procurement (analyze RFPs) Health-care (analyze field reports to identify best practices) analyze incident reports of equipment maintenance reports to identify common/frequent issues etc.