Advance Separation Membrane bearing Preferentially Ordered Morphology

P.P. Chu
National Central University, Jhongli City,, Taiwan

Keywords: Ion exchange/separation membranes, Electric field polarization, Fuel Cells, Lithium Battery, Dialysis

Maintaining conductivity, separation efficiency, mechanical strength films simultaneously possess a key challenge for market competition. Currently, there are no known approaches to produce high performance functional film materials, nor manufacturing equipment to produce the membrane that can meet the above requirements. Current breakthrough technology uses the space-focused field-effect polarization to induce self- assembly which produces a preferentially ordered membrane morphology texture. During membrane formation, field polarized molecules are assembled into a highly dense arrangement, and produce the nano-ordered structure, forming bi-continuous and symmetry with small twists and turns. The reduction of the permeable channel diameter (tighter structure) barriers fuel cross-over but due to the decrease in flow tube bending (Tortuosity) it allows for faster diffusion for smaller particles, leading to substantially increased separation selectivity. The fact that higher conductivity and high selectivity is realized with membrane having better mechanical strength has successfully breakthrough traditional film development. This discovery provides a novel, economical and highly industrial competitive approach to prepare high performance membrane that demonstrated huge industrial impacts.