Portable, Intelligent Thermosonic Imaging System for Rapid, Full-Field Nondestructive Inspection of Defects

D. Xiang
X-wave Innovations, Inc., Maryland, United States

Poster stand number: W111

Keywords: Nondestructive inspection, rapid, intelligent, thermosonic, vibrothography

A portable, intelligent thermosonic imaging system, SoniX-IR(TM), has been developed by X-wave Innovations, Inc. through a Missile Defense Agency (MDA) SBIR Phase II program. The SoniX-IR(TM) is capable of providing rapid, full-field, intelligent nondestructive inspection of defects in components made of different materials, shapes and sizes, e.g., cracks in metallic components as well as delamination and debonding defects in composite structures. The performance of SoniX-IR(TM) was successfully verified and validated to provide a rapid, imaging-based nondestructive inspection and support the production and post-production of various THAAD components, which vary in size from a missile avionics box to missile round pallet structures, and from metallic to composite graphite to composite thermal insulation at Lockheed Martin (LMC) Camden facilities, AK.