Combining Rapid Deployment Portable Cellular Base Stations with AI-driven Communications Bots for Disaster Recovery

K. Ringeisen
Consul Systems, California, United States

Keywords: Comms, RDU, SIGINT, AI, BTS

We have designed and are implementing a combination of long-range/low-power/man portable cellular base-station and antenna system designed for rapid deployment in a post-disaster environment or one where comms have been disrupted that is simple to deploy and enables 96-hour battery runtime, solar recharging, and could be deployed to cover a land mass the size of Puerto Rico in less than one day with helicopter lift support. Once connecting to the network clients are interacted with by the AI bot to inventory, triage, and aid in the deployment of critical care resources to prevent further loss of life. All information is securely encrypted and transmitted back to the main NOC via VSAT, LOS Optics, or directional microwave.