Recent Advances in RF Interference Mitigation

B. Zeidler
Adaptive Dynamics, Inc., California, United States

Keywords: Interference Mitigation, Assured Communications, Anti-Jam, EW/A2AD Countermeasures, Signal Separation

The warfighter faces an unprecedented challenge to reliably operate mission-critical electronic systems in a contested/contested battle space. Any device with a receive antenna is potentially succeptible to degraded or denied operation without proper countermeasures. To address this need, Adaptive Dynamics, Inc. has leveraged over $16M in federal funding to develop the MAGIC(R) (Multiple Adaptive Generalized Interference Cancellers) filter, a revolutionary approach to Interference Mitigation. This mature technology can now be acquired and integrated into existing systems as a firmware upgrade via CAULDRON, a turn-key custom firmware synthesis engine to deliver encrypted, device-keyed MAGIC filter IP cores for any Xilinx or Altera FPGA device. This poster will address recent advances in this Interference Mitigation technology that have advanced the state-of-the art to address the evolving nature of congested/contested operational environments.