The GaSb-based type-I quantum well cascade diode laser technology.

L. Shterengas
Stony Brook University, United States

Keywords: high power mid-infrared lasers, DFB, DBR, tunable lasers, mode-locked lasers, LEDs

Recently, a new class of high power edge emitting mid-infrared semiconductor lasers operating in CW high power regime at room temperature in spectral range from 2 to 3.3 µm was developed. These cascade diode lasers outperform the previous generation of GaSb-based non-cascade diode lasers in all aspects boosting the available mid-infrared power and improving the device efficiency. Watt level CW output power was achieved near and above 3 µm for the first time. Cascade pumping design scheme provided an efficient way to minimize the QW threshold carrier concentration, hence, to minimize the effect of Auger recombination. Mid-infrared light emitting diodes based on cascade pumping of the type-I quantum wells emitted record above 2 mW of continuous wave power in wide spectrum peaking above 3 µm at room temperature. The single mode distributed feedback and widely tunable mid-infrared cascade diode lasers have been demonstrated. The passively mode-locked lasers generate trains of the ~10 ps pulses at ~13 GHz repetition rates with mW level average output power and can provide platform for realization of the wide spectrum mid-infrared optical frequency combs. The GaSb-based photonic crystal surface emitting lasers and intra-cavity difference frequency generators of THz radiation are being developed.