The crucial need for AI and text-mining for health-based social media to enhance wellbeing

A. Skumanich
Innov8ai Inc., California, United States

Keywords: AI,. Text mining, social media, water, health

An essential need for human well-being is access to clean potable water. There are many challenges developing in the delivery and management of water, especially in the face of global climate change. With increasing severities of drought, social inequities, and infrastructure challenges, the need for concerted water management has become essential. One of the many tools for societal engagement that has developed recently is the use of Social Media to connect on any range of topics, and water concerns must certainly become part of this conversation. Instead, this aspect is grossly underutilized and not adequately developed or analyzed. This paper intends to outline the opportunities of social media to assist as a tool in the overall management of water. We highlight the potential for social media to be useful as a multifaceted tool for both collecting and disseminating information about water concerns. This paper is intended to provoke further discussion and investigation.