Illinois Rocstar — Supporting the Warfighter through Physics-Based Predictive Simulation

T. Grunloh
Illinois Rocstar LLC, Illinois, United States

Keywords: weaponeering, simulation, predictive, CFD, CSM

Illinois Rocstar LLC (IR) specializes in making complex modeling and simulation (M&S) software easy to use, constructing specialized M&S tools, and crafting fast-running models. IR weaponeering involves development of targeting scenarios, high fidelity software execution, mesh generation, and post-processing. Ongoing workflow simplification projects for DoD and DOE provide warfighters and designers with rapid, accurate, and validated tools. IR operates across the spectrum of engineering M&S, integrating new technologies into user-friendly, predictive products. Rocpack provides packing models and geometries of particulates, crystals, rocks, and earth as high-fidelity inputs to battlefield simulations. The NEMoSys meshing software enables turnkey approaches to complex problems such as targeting scenarios and lethality simulations for civil and military construction, and for ships and other maritime vessels. RocLB simulates chemical transport through polymer microstructures, especially those of solid rocket motor propellants. Our unique lattice Boltzmann method-based software Packfow enables explicit modeling of microstructure effects in complex flow domains. Illinois Rocstar was founded in 2007 as a science-based simulation company in Champaign, Illinois. IR was established to implement and commercialize Rocstar, a multiphysics/multiscale software package that simulates behavior of solid propellant rockets. Today we build software products that couple disparate physics tools and support specialized applications.