Miniature Multispectral Flourescent Sensor for Volatile Organic Compounds

I. Novosselov
The University of Washington, Washington, United States

Poster stand number: W127

Keywords: EEM, Biomarker sensor, skin, breath, saliva

We have recently demonstrated that EEM spectroscopy, combined with ML techniques, is a sensitive and cost-effective technique for the chemical analysis of trace amounts of VOC Miniaturization of EEM analysis is hindered by a solvent extraction step and the need for benchtop instrumentation. We will eliminate this labor-intensive preparation step, allowing us to automate and miniaturize the detection platform. The sensor will consist of a disposable pad (bandaid size) concentrating VOC onto a transparent substrate and a miniature spectrometer utilizing internal reflection fluorescence. The VOC fraction is extracted into a solid-phase (SP) solvent layer and analyzed using EEM spectroscopy in-situ. The spectral analysis will utilize ML algorithms and the VOC library implemented in a web-based on our web portal.