Digitally Transforming Grid Cyberphysical Security Resilience

L. McKnight
Syracuse University, New York, United States

Keywords: Digital Object Architecture, Industrial Control System Testing, Cloud to Edge Energy Resilience, Digital Transformation, Cyberphysical Security Assurance

An energy/utility Digital Object Architecture (DOA) creates a unique identifier for every piece of information, object or device, transforming grid resilience with Industrial Control System (ICS) assurance. ICS device testing incorporating Open Specifications and Digital Objects in a Modular microGrid architecture is presented, and recommended for DOD adoption. Automatically resolving grid object identity and ownership improves efficiency and resiliency. Validated, NIST cybersecurity framework-compliant software defined data centers enabling cloud-to-edge OT services can efficiently mitigate Internet of Things risks. This approach insulates smart meters from for example an insecure or compromised server or smartphone attracting malicious hackers and bots. Integrating DOA with Syracuse University partner VMware's ‘Pulse IoT Center’ transforms secure remote patching and software updates for Industrial Control Systems, SCADA Networks, and other Critical Infrastructure. As the DOA architecture readily encompasses both defense and civilian digital objects, dual use applications are evident. We also suggest testing Blockchain (a distributed ledger) with the DOA to efficiently allow for security assurance with a transparent audit trail. This can readily be monitored in real-time for anomalies by automated systems to ensure resilient electricity delivery, whether to a consumer application, a military base, or a warfighter.