Smart, sustainable and self-healing anticorrosive coatings

S.P. Surwade
SAS Nanotechnologies, United States

Keywords: Anticorrosive coatings, self-healing, microcapsules, environmentally friendly

Corrosion accounts for approximately one quarter of maintenance expenditures and downtime across the Department of Defense (DoD). Therefore, prevention of corrosion is of significant importance. Currently, hexavalent chromium or other heavy metal based coatings are used for inhibiting corrosion on aircrafts, ships, structures, ground equipment, etc. However, these heavy metals are carcinogenic and thus considering DoD focus on sustainability over the past few years, there is a serious need for replacement of such coatings. We present smart microcapsule based anticorrosive coatings that are not only heavy metal free but also self-healing, i.e. the coating protects metal from corrosion even in case of scratch/mechanical damage on surface. Our coatings are formulated with microcapsules that contain corrosion inhibitors (CI) encapsulated inside them. At onset of corrosion, the microcapsules get activated and releases CI directly onto the corroding site, inhibiting corrosion right at the onset. Also, encapsulating CI in microcapsules prevent corrosion inhibitor from leeching off from the coating and therefore increases the functional life of coating. Unlike the current coatings that require heavy blasting and cleaning process (SSPC SP6) before application of coating, our coatings will not require such heavy blasting/cleaning process and therefore will save tremendous down time and cost.