AIM Intelligent Machines: Fully Autonomous Earthmoving for Global-Scale Challenges

A. Sadilek, R. Kotlaba, and H. Kautz
AIM Intelligent Machines, Washington, United States

Poster stand number: W112

Keywords: autonomous systems, robotics, machine learning, construction, earthmoving

Solutions to global challenges ranging from adapting to climate change to rebuilding war-torn nations require large-scale earthmoving. The low productivity of the construction industry and a tremendous shortage of skilled machine operators makes it impossible to meet these challenges today. AIM Intelligent Machines has pioneered a radically new approach for making excavators and other earthmoving equipment fully autonomous. This technology can improve the efficiency of industry and government projects by an order of magnitude though 24/7 operation. It employs breakthroughs in machine learning and low-cost hardware for machine sensing and control to add autonomy to any brand or size of earthmoving equipment.