Modular Multi-Use Electric Transport Platform

A. Rozenbaum, D. Stewart
Road Surfer, Florida, United States

Keywords: Modular Transport Platform, Portable individual warfighter transport, cargo transport platform, autonomous, reconnaissance

Modular Multi-Use Electric Transport Platform. May be used in base configuration to quickly transport an individual person in a hands-free manner, or be configured to transport cargo with either manual, remote, or autonomous control. May also be configured for remote controlled reconnaissance. Modular Transport Platform may be configured to perform multiple tasks: Base configuration allows individual to ride in standing, kneeling, or sitting position with hands-free control up to 70km/hr. This allows them to operate a rifle, radio, etc. while moving at high speed where most vehicles can't fit. May be configured to transport cargo. Moving cargo platform may be controlled locally with a tether, or remotely. This allows an individual to easily and quickly move hundreds of pounds of cargo. The cargo may be moved by remote control as well. This would be beneficial for shuttling various packages throughout a base, or fast delivery by ground to remote outposts or other sites. May be used as a high capacity mobile battery backup for electronic devices. May be outfitted with sensors and recording equipment for reconnaissance or scouting purposes. Autonomous control may be added for increased functionality.