Fusion Analysis Multi-INT All Domain Media and Big Data Threat Detection Supporting HEO

G. Olson
GT Digital Ltd., New York, United States

Keywords: big data analysis, threat detection, fusion, artificial intelligence, situational awareness

Gone are the days when only the physical warfighting environment mattered. In Future Operating Environments (FOE), the SOF Warrior must possess a cognitive “continuity of situational awareness” mindset in order to aid in operational and tactical levels of decision making. Overmatch in EW/cyber warfare operational environments enables the SOF Warrior’s OODA loop to remain inside potential adversaries. To achieve tactical overmatch, it is critical to understand the entire battlespace environment and intricacies and interactions of its physical and cyber domains. There are technical challenges in the lack of both data integration and integration standards across the disparate geospatial, physical and cyber data streams. A successful system/platform must intelligently ingest, curate, process, manage, normalize, correlate, analyze and display the data across all information sources on a single platform as a cohesive, integrated set of actionable information in time for the operator at the edge. The development of this platform will improve situational awareness, support rapid decision making, facilitate overmatch and improve lethality enabling rapid deployment enhancing the capability of the Hyper Enabled Operator.