eVinci Micro Reactor- A Very Small, Mobile Nuclear Power Plant to improve DoD's Energy Security

Y. Arafat, R. Blinn, L. Sandell
Westinghouse Electric Company, United States

Keywords: Resilience, Energy Security, MNPP, nuclear power, National Security

The DeVinci MNPP is a solid-state, high temperature, low pressure, heat pipe nuclear power generator to generate 1.9 MW of electrical power for 3.5 years continuously without refueling. This mobile generator is derived from the Westinghouse eVinci™ Micro Reactor design, which is being developed for commercial, stationary applications. Westinghouse designed the DeVinci MNPP based on the needs of the DoD for an agile, mobile, robust, clean, and reliable power source. This technology has already been demonstrated for other heat pipe reactor designs. This technology’s superior safety features stem from the simplicity of its design, with minimal mechanically moving parts. The reactor is inherently safe and is capable of automatic shutdown and cool down using its smart instrumentation and control (I&C) system and passive decay heat removal capability. Hence no operator is needed to ensure safe operation. A robust shielding plan provides for public and personnel safety during transport, setup, operations, dismantling and upset conditions. The reactor is protected from most weapons attack. In the unlikely event of a breach from a sophisticated weapons attack, the unique DeVinci design requires an order of magnitude less fuel than gas cooled reactors, minimizing the consequence of battle damage, if any.