Big Data Is Weak Without a Root of Trust

T. Gannon, P. Lockley, J. Penney
Device Authority, Berkshire, United Kingdom

Keywords: Data Trust, Security, AI, Big Data

The transformative potential for big data coupled with AI and ML is immense, however without a strong chain of trust between the AI application and the devices generating the data, it could be one of an organisation’s biggest security risks. While an initial root of trust can protect devices, without robust continuous authentication and suitable encryption mechanisms, important and sometimes sensitive data can be vulnerable to breaches, fraud, and cyberattacks. Where there is no established trust in the source, accuracy, and authenticity of data, it becomes unreliable for decision-making, analysis, and strategic planning, and can compromise valuable data-sharing and collaboration between organisations, hampering innovation and efficiency. This presentation looks at the results of Device Authority’s years of research and development into how these vulnerabilities can occur, as well as how a strong chain of trust can be created to protect the strength and value of Big Data, which allows organisations to benefit from its full potential. It will look at the core functionality of the KeyScaler solution and how it helps to tackle these challenges.