Nano Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for diagnostic applications

L. Thurston, A. Thomson
MIP Diagnostics Limited, SHARNBROOK, United Kingdom

Keywords: Molecularly Imprinted Polymers, nanotechnology, sensors, diagnostics

MIP Diagnostics Limited produces novel molecularly imprinted polymers at the nano scale - nano-MIPs. Our proprietary technology leads to binding molecules with affinities and specificities comparable to class-leading antibodies in a matter of weeks, without the need for animals or immunisation. nano-MIPs are robust: they can be autoclaved and still retain their functionality, and they have survived upper stratosphere radiation conditions where traditional binding molecules would typically be degraded. We have produced them to a number of targets, including (but not limited to) vancomycin, cocaine, fuel contaminants, cardiac Troponin I and bacteriophages. They have been successfully incorporated into a number of sensor platforms including one for the pesticide methyl-parathion in milk and drinking water. The technology can also be used to purify and extract molecules, such as salbutamol and melamine.