Low-cost high-purity crystalline graphite, isotropic graphite, and graphene sheets from low value petcoke and carbon waste

C. Chidiac
Cerebral Energy, LLC, Wyoming, United States

Keywords: Advanced manufacturing, graphite, graphene, isotropic graphite

Cerebral Energy, in collaboration with the Abbaschian Research Group at UCR, presents a groundbreaking method for producing high-grade graphite and graphene using an eco-friendly, low-cost approach. Leveraging domestically available, low-grade petroleum coke (or other high-carbon materials like coal), this innovative process involves immersing the feedstock in a custom thermal processing system and retrieving the crystalline graphite after a short conversion period. This novel method assures a substantial reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions but also transforms an industrial waste product into high-quality graphite and graphene. The process has immense potential to revolutionize the battery and renewable energy sectors by providing a sustainable, domestically-produced graphite alternative.