Rapid, Point-of-Need Nucleic Acid-Based Detection of Pathogens

C.H. Kim, A. Onderak
GoDx, United States

Keywords: Rapid, Point-of-Need Nucleic Acid-Based Detection of Pathogens

We are developing a rapid, low-cost, and portable method for detecting DNA and RNA to identify multiple pathogens found in stool, urine, and blood samples. To expedite diagnosis and treatment for the warfighter, our technology would detect bacteria, viruses, and protists responsible for infections such as gastroenteritis and sepsis in less than 30 minutes. The technology utilizes integrated nucleic acid extraction, amplification, and lateral flow detection without the need for expensive instruments or electricity, making it ideal for use in mobile tactical units. Value Proposition for Security and Warfighter? Since our point-of-care diagnostic test can detect the presence of pathogens in stool, urine, or blood without the use of instruments, our test can deliver results in-the-field to identify and correctly treat infections in the warfighter.